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Purchasing Paroxsyms

Purchase: (need I tell you it means buy buy buy, the American pastime?)

Paroxsym: a fit, attack, or sudden increase or recurrence of symptoms

I need… No, I WANT to purchase a projector. I have a list of semi-rational reasons for “needing” this electronic gadget, only one of which would bring in any money.

  • $$ I think I could usefully put it into service to promote my feng shui consulting services and to give classes. It would take four consultations to pay for itself.
  • I could use it to show travel pictures – a couple of groups have asked for that.
  • I could use it at Toastmasters for more professional presentations.
  • I could use it for family gatherings to show family pix and movies.
  • I could project DVDs if I wanted to watch with other people. Although home theater and gaming are what most folks use their projectors for, I play no games and watch few movies (and almost no TV), so this is not a selling point for me.

I discussed the proposed projector purchase with my daughter a couple of days ago.

“Mom,” she said, “that’s a dumb idea.”

Tonight I called my son-in-law for brand advice because he uses projectors often in his consulting work. “Well,” he said, “I just use whatever projector my client has. It’s just another thing to haul around; what would you do with one?”

I accused him of conferring with my daughter, but he pleaded innocent.

Nevertheless I went online to see what was out there.

Oy vay. There are about a million projectors ranging from $500 to $3500, with features that seem hard to distinguish. Even in the under $1000 range there are dozens to compare.

My eyeballs are totally spinning.

P.S. I thought of the best reason yet to buy a projector.To support President Bush’s Economic Stimulus plan!!! He wouldn’t want me to SAVE my refund, would he?