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Poseur, pretender: the patrician “cowboy”

Poseur: n.  a person who pretends to be what he or she is not : an affected or insincere person. From the French, poser.

Pretender: n. one who lays claim to something ; specifically, a claimant to a throne who has no just title; one who makes a false or hypocritical show.

Patrician: n. a person of high birth, an aristocrat;a person of breeding and cultivation

Did you really think that the Current Occupant was a cowboy? Did you ever wonder how a man who was raised in Connecticut (tony New England, for my international readers) – son of a President, grandson of a Senator from Connecticut, graduate of Yale (in Connecticut) and Harvard Business School (New England), rich boy who summered on the Maine Coast (New England) who is afraid of horses – could be a Texas cowboy?

I really don’t even like to mention this person, but it has to be said that he bought his Texas ranch in 1999 when he decided to run for president, and is now getting rid of it since it was only a political prop. I bet he’s throwing in the drawl as well.

He’ll be moving to a tony neighborhood in Dallas.

Cent Ugyur has a whole post about this over at DailyKos – and about the shameful way the press let him get away with this charade.