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Party-pooping patriots: the Texas GOP

Party-pooper: n. A person who ruins a party by either stopping the fun or not participating in a certain activity

Patriot: n. One who loves, supports, and defends one’s country

The Texas Republican party is such a joke. Half of them love America so much that now the Democrats are in charge they want to take their marbles and go home.  Markos’ post was so priceless today that I give you the whole thing:

We now know that half of Texas’ Republicans want to secede from the United States.  So I have some questions for that crowd:

  • Are you flying an American flag? Because you don’t get to do that when you cry and take your ball home.
  • Do you have a bumper sticker that says, “These colors don’t run”? Because it sure looks like you’re running.
  • Do you still pretend that your party is the “Party of Lincoln”? If so, what part of Lincoln exactly, would that be?
  • Since you’ve spent the last eight years saying “America, love it or leave it”, is that an admission that you don’t love America? Because we liberals loved it and stayed, even when your idiot of a president was trashing the place.
  • Was your patriotism (My country, right or wrong) so skin-deep, that it depended 100 percent on the guy in the White House?
  • That $200 billion Texas got in defense contracts between 2000 and 2007? No more of that. No more Ft. Hood. No more NASA. No more federal largesse. You okay with that?
  • You do realize that the Cowboys will no longer be “America’s Team”, right? Though they’d dominate the two-team Texas Football League (TFL).
  • The Pillage and Plunder President

    Pillage: v. to loot, take booty

    Plunder: v. to take wrongfully or by force

    From a powerful post by DailyKos blogger ToqueDeville:


    I always like to say our health care system is not broken, it’s working perfectly. Just not for us. And it is true. The American health care system is doing exactly what it was designed to do – make a fortune for a few people.

    You can apply this same principle to every major part of the American experience – our media is working flawlessly at keeping the vast majority of Americans misinformed. And even our government is working flawlessly at preserving its own power and protecting the interests of those it serves. It is from within this framework that we must assess George Bush’s presidency.

    I have repeatedly heard people refer to Bush as a failed president. Indeed, that is probably how he will go down in history. But to be accurate, we must separate our failure, and that of our country’s, from those of the Bush administration, those who enabled him, and those whose interest he serves.

    For it is from their perspective, we must admit, George Bush’s presidency was a raging success. With the help of a complicit and feckless Democratic congress, and a compliant media, George Bush got almost everything he wanted.

    Here’s a very brief and incomplete list of Bushco’s successes:

    In eight years, almost completely unimpeded by Democrats, and in many cases, he couldn’t have done it without them, Bush dramatically changed this country to the benefit of the parasite class. From gutting environmental policy, to ridiculous tax cuts, to numerous bills that only benefited the monied interests, Bush helped corporate America make more profit than in human history. And I’m not even including the oil, gas, and coal industry. From bankruptcy reform, the energy bill, to the the medicare bill, Bush pushed through major legislation that eliminated oversight, hurt consumers, and weakened our democracy. Then, throw in two Supremes who love corporate power and God, and all I can say is, good job George.

    Probably his greatest success, however, was letting 911 happen. I don’t know how they did it, but, despite a plethora of warnings, they actually managed to let 4 planes get hijacked at once, and fly unimpeded into three major sites including the World Trade Towers. Excellent.

    From that single act, Bush was able to conquer two countries, seize about 45 trillion dollars in Iraqi oil, depending on the ppb this week, and turn the country into a war mongering, war profiteering, national security police state. Oh Mr Bush, you will always be VIP at the Petroleum Club.

    Yes, Bush’s base has made trillions of dollars from his actions and policies. Kudos. A very successful presidency indeed.

    Who has failed on the other hand, is us.

    He goes on to list OUR failures – progressives, our Democratic electeds, liberal bloggers… and of course the American people who slept on.  It’s pretty chilling. Read the whole thing.

    Pooped and plumb tuckered: how I got where I am today

    Pooped: n. tired, worn out, wasted, an empty shell

    I feel like I’ve been holding up the entire country for the past few years.

    I first became hyperactively involved in Democratic politics after Kerry’s 2004 defeat. The Current Occupant’s re-election had thrown me into despair.  WHAT had become of my country? Were we THAT stupid? THAT blind? HOW could anyone, even someone with shit for brains, vote for that smirking frat-boy?

    On Inauguration Day (January 20, 2005) I dressed in black and attended a wake for democracy at our downtown park. I hadn’t been to a demonstration in decades, but I need to be with other grievers.

    At the wake I met a couple of women who, like me, had just read linguist George Lakoff’s seminal book, Don’t Think of an Elephant, about how the right-wing had mastered the metaphorical values language that underpinned the conservative argument (and demonized progressives).

    Lakoff made it very clear how Democrats had been framed into a corner by the likes of Frank Luntz and Karl Rove. But he also offered a vision of how we should frame our own progressive values so they spoke more directly to the public’s heart than those wordy policy statements we so love.

    The concepts were simple: conservatives hold Strong Father (authoritarian) values, and progressives hold values of the Nurturant Parent (mother?).  We worked hard, but it was much harder than we expected to articulate these new concepts in words that expressed our progressive values. So we put together a series of community workshops at the Unitarian church and we invited activists from all over town to come practice with us.

    For six weeks, SEVENTY of us (in Vancouver!) struggled to master this new language. And when that was done, 25 of us formed a new Toastmasters club called Progressive Voices where we could practice speaking our values. Several of our members have since gone on to elected office! We helped a similar club form in PortlandThank you George Lakoff for getting us going.

    Meanwhile I began following the plethora of Republican misdeeds and the rise of more progressive Democrats on the internet.  I became addicted to DailyKos, the blogchild (blogmonster?) of Markos Moulitsas and the hundreds (actually thousands) of brilliant and well-informed writers who post there. (The site got 3 million pageviews a day leading up to the election, and 9 million on election day!)

    Markos is a hero to millions of us who follow progressive politics online. He should be a national hero – because he created the space for people like me to get together, learn about the issues, and put our shoulders to the wheel to actually get good Democrats elected. His first book, Crashing the Gate, and his new book, Taking on the System, laid out why our party was so stuck and what we could do about it. Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy was part of this.

    Volunteers from DailyKos organized the first political bloggers convention, YearlyKos, in 2006 – which was attended by a thousand of us in Las Vegas – we participated in panel discussions and heard from Democratic luminaries like Barbara Boxer, Bill Richardson, Mark Warner, Howard Dean. In 2007 we met in Chicago and heard from all the Democratic presidential contenders and many state candidates and electeds as well. That’s when I decided for sure that Obama was The Man and Hillary was not The Woman. And I was charmed by Joe Biden.

    Thank you, Markos, from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you Dr. Dean. Together, YES WE DID.

    I’ve been a local Dem precinct officer since 2005, dutifully walking my neighborhood and handing out literature. I don’t really love this part, but I do it. (It’s much better when you do it with a partner.)

    And now we’ve won – President Obama, Gov. Gregoire, many locals. On the one hand I’m thrilled. On the other I feel like an empty shell right now. I paw listlessly at the papers on my desk, hop from website to website, and wonder how I’ll fill the hours I spent each day holding up the entire US political system with the power of my mind. I know there are thousands of other in my wasted condition*.

    I’ve already taken long naps. Maybe I’ll start by walking the dog.  I could rake some leaves.

    New project: Training my new kitty, Gobama, to use the toilet instead of a litter box? Tune in tomorrow.

    * Update: The Onion is on it! Hilarious! Obsessive Obama supporters see how empty their lives have become.