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Piddling pup says it all

I watched the last debate tonight and am so grateful it’s over, and that I don’t have to watch Angry McNasty (as one CNN commentator called McCain) smirk, snort, sneer and blink any more (God willing and enough voters agree with me.)

High (low) point for me was his insistence that Sarah Palin would be a great vice-president because she’s an expert on autism.  In just four months? Having a Down syndrome baby? Reallllly?

This pup sums up the GOP campaign:


P.U! Peeeuww! McCain’s petulant debate ploy stinks

P.U.! : the interjection P.U. indicates disgust, especially at something stinky, smelly. It spells out an old interjection that exists in a number of different spellings.

Petulant: irritable, peevish.

Ploy: n. a stratagem or artifice, as in a conversation or game, to obtain an advantage over one’s opponent.

OK so NOW that Mr. McCain went to Washington and got things all stirred up in the bailout negotiations, and threatened to take his marbles home without debating if things didn’t get handled by HIS deadline, and got lots of press for these ploys….  NOW he says “OK I’ll debate”

And we’re supposed to be oh so grateful.

He is just a big baby.

And then I see THIS ten hours BEFORE The debate happens from the Washington Post:

Barack Obama might as well go back to his suspiciously unsuspended campaign, because John McCain has already won tonight’s debate.

“McCain Wins Debate!” declares the ad which features a headshot of a smiling McCain with an American flag background. Another ad spotted by our eagle-eyed observer featured a quote from McCain campaign manager Rick Davis declaring: “McCain won the debate– hands down.”

And now we know how McCain intends to deal with the nation’s economic crisis — they’ve invented time travel.

Having come up with technology so advanced McCain can win the debate before he even announced whether he’d show up for the debate, the Republican team is ready to go on to their brilliant plan to save the nation from its current fiscal crisis.

From POW to Poltroon: cut-and-run McCain

Poltroon: n. a base coward

POW: Prisoner of war; John McCain’s favorite personal selling point, after “maverick”

“Cut and Run McCain”. Can you believe McCain’s latest Hail Mary BULLSHIT pass?  He won’t debate Obama tomorrow night if the bailout plan isn’t in place.

What’s more, the campaign says, Sarah Palin won’t debate Oct. 2 either, if it’s not passed by then. (And what, pray tell, does Palin have to do with this bill??)

What is this? Extortion? Spoiled bratism? Taking his marbles and going home? Grandiose sense of his own importance? Or sheer panic at his lack of preparation for the debates. Not to mention Palin’s… witness her abysmal performance with Katie Couric.

When McCain is helping to spend 700 billion of our TAXPAYER dollars, a prudent person with the citizens’ needs in mind would want careful deliberation. To make his debate appearance contingent on a bailout agreement (in 36 hours!) doesn’t say to me “Country First”; it says MY CAMPAIGN FIRST.

The move is narcissistic to the max. Clearly he’s desperate to derail the campaign.  “Who gives a flying f___ if the bailout plan is a good one… I’ve got my multi-millionheiress Sugar Mama, 13 cars, 8 homes and 1 jet!

This is not the first time McCain has cut and run, either. He did the same thing in 2000 when he backed out of a debate with GW Bush in California, where his poll numbers were in the tank.

Does this man have any respect for keeping his agreements? Not just with the American public who want to see these two candidates talk about the crucial issues of the day. I daresay can’t WAIT for this event.  Plus the University of Mississippi has been working on and planning for this debate for a year, and I’m sure they’re not the only ones who’ll be negatively affected if this doesn’t happen as planned.