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Programmed Parrot: Palin propped by her talking points

Program: v. to provide with a set of operating instructions

Parrot: n. a bird with brightly colored plumage and sometimes the ability to mimic human speech or other sounds; one who mindlessly imitates words or actions of another.

Prop: v. an object used to shore something up.

Point: n. the major idea or essential part of a concept.

Damning with faint praise, the pundits and I agree that Sarah Palin neither peed in her pants or did a face-plant, and in that sense she did better than expected.  Considering how stuffed she has been with Republican talking points over the past few weeks, it’s a miracle that foie gras didn’t ooze from her mouth.

She had set the bar so low for herself coming out of the interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric that she had no place to go but up.

And why did she do so much better? Two reasons: the aforementioned force-feeding, and the fact that in this format she was not pressed by Gwen Ifill nose-to-nose to be specific, to give examples. If that had happened we’d have gotten similar incoherant weaseling in several instances, I feel certain.

She didn’t answer 75% of the questions directed to her. Instead of specifics she spouted generality after generality, Republican buzz word after buzz word: country first, energy independence, terrorists, evil, mavericks, tax cuts, Joe 6-pack & soccer moms.

She was asked about bankruptcy; she talked about energy independence. Asked about her Achilles heel (did she know what that is???) she talked about what she and McCain were going to do to clean up Washington. A couple of times she flat out said she didn’t want to answer that question, she wanted to talk about something else.

I saw her avoidance of direct answers as coming from one of two places:

1. She didn’t know WTF to say, so she talked about what she’d practiced talking about

2. She didn’t give a flying f__k about the rules of the game and planned to talk about what she’d practiced talking about.

If #2 is the case, this tells me that she is cut from the same “above-the-law” cloth from whence Dick Cheney and George Bush came. She went on to talk about her Cheney-like understanding of the constitutionally untouchable powers of the vice-president. For further evidence, look at her shady dealings in Alaska – with Troopergate being the poster child.

Please God, we do not need more of this constitution shredding.

Best (scariest) line of the evening: “I’ve only been at this for five weeks…”
And that’s supposed to reassure us?