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Pork or pigshit: McCain hoisted on his own petard

Pork: n. political patronage – government funds, appointments, or other favors – acquired by a representative for his/her constituency; the flesh of a pig used as food.

Petard: (oh this is too good) n. an loud explosive or bomb, from the middle French “peter,” to break wind. The phrase “hoisted on his own petard” refers back to the unfortunate anarchist, Guy Fawkes, who used a bomb called a petard in a failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament. This device is equipped with a short fuse, leading to the anarchist being “hoisted on his petard,” i.e., blown up. It has come to mean being caught out by your own words or actions.

I’m sick of Palin’s lies about the Bridge to Nowhere. Let’s move on to McCain’s pigshit about earmarks. Just a couple of days ago he bloviated about the ridiculousness of an earmark project in Montana. “We’re never going to spend $3 million to study the DNA of bears in Montana again..”  he said.

Uh oh. Turns out Palin’s latest pork request is for $3.2 million to study the DNA of seals…

Hoisted by his own petard. Watch the video: