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Paws to play: the life of a young cat

Paws: n. the feet of a quadruped that has claws (dogs, cats, lions, bears, etc.)

Pause: n. temporary inaction or stop

Play: v. to engage in recreation or sport

This really isn’t a blog about pets, but last night was all about pets.

First the dog threw up. Loudly. I woke up – cleaned up the rug (god knows what she got into…). Back to bed. Lay there waiting for it to happen again.

It didn’t. Eventually I got back to sleep.

Then the cat decided it was time to play.  Although he’s almost ten months old and very active, he just discovered that he could pretend his tail was a foreign object – a mouse, perhaps. And he practiced catching it – on my bed, with me in it trying to stay asleep.

Next he used his prehensile paws to root about on every table and shelf in my bedroom, seeking something he could pick up or push onto the floor. Papers, pencils, books, my glasses, my watch, a bracelet, a stapler – one by one these things clunked, crashed or fluttered to the floor, with the cat after them.

Lightweight objects are always worth several bats around the room; heavier stuff he just stares at before jumping back up to find something more interesting.

Meanwhile sleeping had become nearly impossible. BUT, in that awful nighttime nether world I was also too out of it to get up and throw him out of the room.  Besides, I knew he could make an even bigger mess with the stuff on the kitchen counter.


A seed packet?? !


And what would happen if I just pushed it a little farther??

I wish I had as light-hearted and dispassionate view of the world as he does – that I could pause to play.

Piddling pup says it all

I watched the last debate tonight and am so grateful it’s over, and that I don’t have to watch Angry McNasty (as one CNN commentator called McCain) smirk, snort, sneer and blink any more (God willing and enough voters agree with me.)

High (low) point for me was his insistence that Sarah Palin would be a great vice-president because she’s an expert on autism.  In just four months? Having a Down syndrome baby? Reallllly?

This pup sums up the GOP campaign:

Play #1

I have two aging pets, Fritz the cat, who will be 17 in a few months, and Molly the standard poodle, who is almost 14.

I’ve been kind of wishing they were a little more fun, a little livelier. But maybe that was too much to expect from such old critters. Maybe what I needed was a young thing (a kitten?) to juice things up.

Then I remembered what Gandhi said: “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” I wondered if the seriousness was not in them but in me. Perhaps I was the one who needed to be more playful.

So when Molly came back in from her morning poop, I stood and faced her and went into the doggy “I want to play” pose – a bouncy semi-squat.

She was surprised for a moment, and then she did the pose herself and started jumping all around, very excited and tail-waggy. We did this a few more times till the energy fairly buzzed in the room. This attracted Fritz, who usually sleeps most of the day. As soon as he came into the room, Molly did the doggy pose to him.

Normally he will have nothing to do with her, but this time he walked back and forth under her nose, waving his tail into her chin. Meowing and purring.

This doesn’t sound like much, but in our small household it was delightful shift.

I think Play may require more than one post…