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Pandiculate, then get on with it!

Pandiculate: v. to stretch, as on awakening or while yawning.

Pandiculate for Health! Grow Tall! Get Well! Be Young!” Exuberant ads like this, running in health-fad magazines since 1914, have proclaimed the virtues of a spine-stretching device called the “Pandiculator.” — Time, 1942-04-12

My P-pal Patrice sent me this great P-word, the word of the day at Dictionary.com.

So let’s all stand up and pandiculate. Pandiculate with your arm overhead to the left, and then repeat on the right.

This is the perfect thing to do as we awaken from an eight-year nightmare.

Now take a deep breath, clap your hands and let’s put our shoulders to the wheel, joining President Obama in rebuilding our confidence, our trust, our infrastructure, our economy, our nation…

We’ve got work to do. Together we can.