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Pending “midnight” regulations put on hold?

Pending: adj. not yet decided, being in continuance from French pendre, meaning to hang (like Pendaflex file folders…)

Put on hold: v. to stop or shelve temporarily or permanently

One of the Past Occupant’s narsty habits (oh how I LOVE saying Past Occupant!) was sticking his own narsty regulations into legislation in the form of signing statements that bypassed congressional approval.  He whisked a bunch of these in at the last minute, effectively pissing into corners of the realm to show Obama who was the Biggest Baddest Cowboy.

Well.  Ha! Piss on you, cowboy.

Shortly after Obama was inaugurated, his right hand man, Rahm Emanuel, issued a memorandum ordering all agencies and departments to stop all pending regulations until a legal and policy review can be conducted by the Obama administration.

Among the noxious regulations put on hold were rules that would allow the carrying of concealed weapons in some national parks and prohibiting medical facilities from receiving federal money for discriminating against doctors and nurses who refuse to assist with abortions or dispense contraceptives based on religious grounds (which I wrote about here back in August – and which were put through despite tens of thousands of letters of protest.)

Also included were measures relaxing protections for endangered species, allowing uranium mining near the Grand Canyon, and making it easier for coal companies to dump mining debris in nearby streams and valleys.

Obviously the Obama staff had been working on this maneuver for a couple of months, indicating that the moss is not growing under their feet.

According to the NY Times, Democrats in Congress, now that they are in the majority, have several possible tricks up their sleeve to make these regs go away, but it may not be a slam dunk.

So much wreckage to undo, so little time…