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President “not a plates kind of guy”

Plate: n. a shallow usually circular vessel from which food is eaten or served – from Greek platys broad, flat

Our new president is a more casual guy than the former occupant of the Oval Office. According to a sweet story in today’s NY Times, he takes off his jacket to work, and doesn’t mind if his staffers take off theirs.

This is something the FO wouldn’t stand for – it was suits and ties always, or you got seriously chewed out. Which leads us to wonder: was W’s insistence on show to mask his deep insecurity and fear of being outed as an imposter?

The new pres seems more concerned with getting things done than protocol or decor. So far he hasn’t changed the furnishings of the OO at all, except yesterday he mentioned that Ws commemorative plate collection was going to have to go.

“I’m not a plates kind of guy,” he said.

Is anyone surprised? Commemorative plates are so last year; actually they’re so last generation (or even Grandma’s generation).

What we’re seeing is generational turnover, and not a moment too soon.

The  Times article also described Obama’s delight at being able to eat breakfast and dinner with his family, and see his kids off to school before commuting downstairs.

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if this commitment to family and shared family meals set a new model for families across America? This is one old-fashioned idea that needs to return.