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Party-pooping patriots: the Texas GOP

Party-pooper: n. A person who ruins a party by either stopping the fun or not participating in a certain activity

Patriot: n. One who loves, supports, and defends one’s country

The Texas Republican party is such a joke. Half of them love America so much that now the Democrats are in charge they want to take their marbles and go home.  Markos’ post was so priceless today that I give you the whole thing:

We now know that half of Texas’ Republicans want to secede from the United States.  So I have some questions for that crowd:

  • Are you flying an American flag? Because you don’t get to do that when you cry and take your ball home.
  • Do you have a bumper sticker that says, “These colors don’t run”? Because it sure looks like you’re running.
  • Do you still pretend that your party is the “Party of Lincoln”? If so, what part of Lincoln exactly, would that be?
  • Since you’ve spent the last eight years saying “America, love it or leave it”, is that an admission that you don’t love America? Because we liberals loved it and stayed, even when your idiot of a president was trashing the place.
  • Was your patriotism (My country, right or wrong) so skin-deep, that it depended 100 percent on the guy in the White House?
  • That $200 billion Texas got in defense contracts between 2000 and 2007? No more of that. No more Ft. Hood. No more NASA. No more federal largesse. You okay with that?
  • You do realize that the Cowboys will no longer be “America’s Team”, right? Though they’d dominate the two-team Texas Football League (TFL).
  • The Petulant Posturing Party of NO! – Today’s GOP

    Petulant: adj. characterized by capricious ill humor, peevish

    Posturing: adj. assuming an artificial or pretended attitude

    Party: n. a group of persons organized for the purpose of directing the policies of a government

    The current Republican party is behaving like a bunch of spoiled 4-year-old brats whose mama has said “No more cookies!”

    When they were in control of the government, they thought nothing of shutting out anyone who disagreed with them. They had ZERO interest in bi-partisanship.

    Now that they’re in the minority, despite Obama’s efforts to include them in the debate, they scream bloody murder unless he agrees to follow their agenda. No compromise considered.

    They have become the Party of NO!  If it’s Democratic Party sponsored legislation they’ll shit on it.

    It used to be that to pass legislation in the Senate, a majority of Senators (51) had to vote yes.  That’s the democratic process – majority rules. But under Republican obstructionism, nothing passes without 60 votes.

    Their game is to threaten a filibuster, which continues debate indefinitely unless a cloture vote passes (requiring 60 ayes) to force a vote on the issue at hand. They wouldn’t give a rip if the entire Congress ground to a halt. Or the country for that matter.  Posture and partisanship above the people’s needs.

    Right now, Democrats have 58 votes. When the smarmy Minnesotan soon-to-be ex-Senator Norm Coleman finally gives up his bogus court fight over what he claims are wrongly marked ballots, Al Franken will be our 59th.

    It’s especially galling when they postured loudly against the stimulus and budget bills because they’re full of earmarks (pork). No matter that earmarks were a Republican specialty when they were in power – now they have the gall to pronounce the packages “porkulus”. Then they go home to their districts and brag to their constituents about how they brought them money for their local projects.

     \pi = \frac{C}{d}.

    Some Republicans even voted against pi last week.  The House periodically passes non-binding resolutions that are mainly symbolic and as such usually pass unanimously.

    The ten nay-sayers refused to declare March 14 to be Pi day, to honor perhaps the most famous constant in mathematics. (Pi has been understood since ancient times, and is defined as the circumference of an arbitrary circle divided by its diameter.) It was first celebrated by a bunch of scientists from San Francisco 21 years ago.

    Parallel Planets: GOP chutzpah

    Parallel: adj.  extending in the same direction, everywhere equidistant, and never meeting

    Planet: n. any of the celestial bodies that in ancient belief have motions of their own among the fixed stars

    As the $787 billion stimulus bill weaved its way through Congress Friday night – an effort many economists think is not nearly BIG enough – the Republicans almost unanimously voted against it.  In fact John Boehner went so far as to dump a copy of the 1,071 page bill on the floor in a gesture of supreme contempt, saying it’s all “about spending, spending, spending.”

    [Question: in spite of Democrats antipathy towards Bush’s shameful policies, did any congressperson try this sort of disdainful political theater?? It’s soooo tacky. Soooo GOP.]

    This, after Obama made all sorts of bipartisan gestures and concessions ($282 billion in tax cuts over the next two years… the biggest ever!)   Which means that the Republicans voted AGAINST a tax cut… and AGAINST spending to create millions of jobs (jobs which were lost by at least as many Republicans as Democrats).

    And now they’re going on all the talk shows with their new talking point: this is “generational theft.”

    Generational theft! My jaw is scraping the floor. Forget for a moment about how the Bush administration took a trillion dollar surplus from Clinton and managed to leave Obama with a trillion dollar deficit, an economy in shambles, our reputation in tatters – for what? An illegal and failed war? Wasteful spending and incompetent management in every corner? Tax cuts for the wealthiest?  Was that not generational theft?

    Maybe they’re hoping we’ve already forgotten that. Ok. fine.

    Let’s just go back ten days to Feb. 4th. That’s  when a group of 32 Republicans put forth an alternate economic rescue bill for a very regressive $3.1 trillion tax cut that wouldn’t even start until 2011.

    As Dailykos blogger LeftyCoaster said at the time:

    The Senate Republicans’ tax cut would be paid for with massive federal borrowing, or as the Republicans like to call it [when Obama spends money] “Generational Theft”. Of course that’s not how they describe their tax cuts “We call it the American option” the amendment’s author Jim DeMint told the Senate. I call it the oligarchy option.

    How a tax cut that starts in 2011 is supposed to help the economy in 2009 is too much of a stretch even for Republican Voodoo Economics. Logic was never was a part of the Republican repertoire.

    The most significant feature of this tax cut proposal was a cut in the top rate for individuals and businesses from 35% to 25%. A naked favor for the wealthiest Americans, that would destroy the progressive structure of the American income tax system.

    This Republican proposal was only a tax cut with no infrastructure spending, and no additional help for those being thrown out of work, for those losing their health insurance, and eventually their homes.

    It’s clear the GOP lives on another planet, where none of the citizens can add or subtract, few of them read the paper, and most of them have Alzheimers.