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Praying to false idols?

Pray: v. to address a solemn request or expression of thanks to a deity or other object ofworship 

I thought Christians didn’t worship false idols. But what do I know, Unitarian-Buddhist-Pagan that I am? According to the Christian Broadcasting Network, Prayers are needed for global economy:

In January of this year, Cindy Jacobs was in a worship service when the Lord spoke to her, “Cindy, the strongman over America doesn’t live in Washington, DC – the strongman lives in New York City! Call My people to pray for the economy.”  

For these and other reasons Cindy is calling for a Day of Prayer for the World’s Economies on Wednesday, October 29, 2008. They are calling for prayer for the stock markets, banks, and financial institutions of the world on the date the stock market crashed in 1929. They are meeting at the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank, and its 12 principal branches around the US that day.  

We are going to intercede at the site of the statue of the bull on Wall Street to ask God to begin a shift from the bull and bear markets to what we feel will be the ‘Lion’s Market,’ or God’s control over the economic systems,” she said.  “While we do not have the full revelation of all this will entail, we do know that without intercession, economies will crumble.”  

So hundreds crowd about the sacred bull on Wall Street:

As Wonkette says:

Don’t they know that God taking over the economic systems would be SOCIALISM from SPACE? Also: God will be very mad that they are worshiping a bronze idol here, since his second commandment PROHIBITS THAT, duh? 

Really! And conservatives get all exercised if Obama forgets his flag pin?

Pork or pigshit: McCain hoisted on his own petard

Pork: n. political patronage – government funds, appointments, or other favors – acquired by a representative for his/her constituency; the flesh of a pig used as food.

Petard: (oh this is too good) n. an loud explosive or bomb, from the middle French “peter,” to break wind. The phrase “hoisted on his own petard” refers back to the unfortunate anarchist, Guy Fawkes, who used a bomb called a petard in a failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament. This device is equipped with a short fuse, leading to the anarchist being “hoisted on his petard,” i.e., blown up. It has come to mean being caught out by your own words or actions.

I’m sick of Palin’s lies about the Bridge to Nowhere. Let’s move on to McCain’s pigshit about earmarks. Just a couple of days ago he bloviated about the ridiculousness of an earmark project in Montana. “We’re never going to spend $3 million to study the DNA of bears in Montana again..”  he said.

Uh oh. Turns out Palin’s latest pork request is for $3.2 million to study the DNA of seals…

Hoisted by his own petard. Watch the video: