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Packaging: persuasion by design

Packaging: n. the enclosure, wrapping or cover of a product.

Persuasion: n. the act of moving by argument, entreaty, or expostulation to a position or course of action.

Perusing the New York Times online today I came upon a link to several websites where the focus is visuals, not words (photos, graphics, drawings etc). One thing led to another, as it always does, and I found myself at TheDieline.com – a site about package design.

Some folks are drawn to garish packaging – Tide Detergent comes to mind for some reason:


(I also hate the way it smells. I have a friend who uses it and her whole house smells like Tide. All.The.Time.)

The design firm they were highlighting recently is London-based Davies Hall.  I wanted to rush out and get me some of this coffee:


Or eat some of these candies (and I hardly ever eat candy…)


So classy.

My son the industrial designer/entrepreneur has won a bunch of awards for his packaging designs. Here’s Jimmyjane‘s Midnight Special wrapping:


Too bad you can’t see the hot pink packaging inside. Or the “Little Something” within.