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Pain from pushups?

At strength training class we all moan and groan about doing pushups.

Not I. I am proud of my pushups, having moved from the knee position to full plank about five years ago. Machisma! (Of course I only get my nose half way to the floor because if I allowed my nostrils to reach the floor they’d be permanantly flattened because I don’t have the triceps strength to lift off.)

Pride goeth before a fall. Last Thursday I felt a little twinge at about the tenth pushup. But I did a second set anyway.

Then, instead of listening to the twinge (which lingered…) I went to yoga on Saturday and did a number of sun salutes which also require a pushup-like maneuver.

Big mistake.

Since yesterday afternoon my left rib cage hurts so much I don’t want to breathe deeply, or cough or sneeze. Today was the day I was going to tackle my weeds with a vengeance, but I can’t even pull a puny petunia.

It hurt enough that I actually went to the doctor – a rare thing. She pressed and prodded and concluded that nothing was broken, but that I would be laying off pushup-like poses for a couple of months.

I’m not at all pleased. Who ever thought I’d WANT to do pushups???