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Performance: Mom to the max!

Performance: n. a public presentation or exhibition.

So, we were talking about teenagers (pregnant), which reminds me of the travails of parenting an adolescent.  Which reminded me of this fantastic performance of an exasperated mother.

This video has been circulating for awhile, but it’s such a perfect performance (lyrics, delivery, humor, power, outrage) that it bears sharing.  I also have a soft spot in my heart for the hystrionics of the William Tell Overture which my son played in an 8-hands, 2-piano version to conclude a recital a few years back. [Evidently this gal is not the creator of the song, but she knocks it out of the park – fixed the link, I hope…]

Pantomiming pianist

Pantomime: n. acting that consists mostly of gestures, a dumb show.

My younger son turned 25 today. This is for him.

He is a fine pianist, with an abiding love of Beethoven’s piano music and a healthy irreverance for pomposity. Many years ago, after only six months of lessons and despite his mother’s trepidations, he tackled the full Fur Elise for his first recital.  He was understandably nervous, so to ease the tension before he began, he made a big fuss of loosening his imaginary cufflinks and flipping out his imaginary tails.

Remembering that hilarious moment, and that my son played both of these pieces in a competition, his former piano teacher had to pass this video along to me.

Although the mime, Rowan Atkinson AKA Mr. Bean, plays what seems to be one seamless piece, he’s actually put two together: the Allegro from the Sonata 8 in C Minor, “Pathétique,” and the 3rd movement from the Moonlight Sonata in C Sharp Minor.

Enjoy this welcome break from That Woman whose name I don’t even want to pronounce…