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Pinocchio and Palin: pathological prevaricators?

Pinocchio: n. the wooden puppet in a 19th century story by Carlo Collodi, whose nose grew longer every time he lied (which was often)

Pathology: n. the manifestation of a disease.
adj. disordered in behavior. A pathological liar can’t stop telling lies.

Prevaricate: v. to stray from or evade the truth

Even my conservative local newspaper yesterday has picked up on Palin’s loose connection to the truth and yesterday ran this cartoon by Mike Keefe of the Denver Post:

What’s interesting is that when she got home to Alaska and did more speechifying she dropped the bullshit lines about the Bridge to Nowhere.  No doubt knowing that the natives knew the truth.

Those who thought she might finally be embarrassed enough by the media’s finding out abou the lie(s) to stop using the “I told them Thanks but no thanks” line, were wrong however. Once she was back in the lower 48 she resumed the story.  Unf___ingbelievable.

Pathology or a nazi-style “Big Lie”?