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“Proud Pentecostal for Obama”

Pentecostalism is a fundamentalist religious movement within Christianity that places special emphasis on the direct personal experience of God through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, as shown in the Biblical account of the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2). Pentecostalism is an umbrella term including a wide range of different theological and organizational perspectives. As a result, there is no central organization or church which directs the movement.

Assemblies of God is the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination, with over 283,413 churches and outstations in over 200 countries (including 12,311 churches in the U.S.) and approximately 57 million adherents worldwide… they claim to be adding 5,000 adherents a day. Sarah Palin belongs to an Assemblies of God congregation.

Pentecostalism is about polar opposite to Unitarian Universalism, my denomination.  The folks John McCain was hoping to win over with the selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate are evangelicals like her. UUs like me are beyond appalled.  But there are 200,000 of us, and many many millions of them. Would they fall for her, hook line and stinker lies?

At least two of them say NO!  (Consider this my Sunday inspirational post)…

The first was an evangelical Christian who calls himself ex VRWC. He wrote a post on DailyKos,  We Are Out Here:

We are out here – the Republicans or ex-Republicans who will no longer tolerate the racist, despicable slime machine that the right wing and the John McCain-Sarah Palin campaign has become. I know, for I am one of them. I am not your typical progressive, being an ex- Air Force officer (9 years), evangelical Christian, card carrying conservative, Rush/Hannity listener – an now an Obama supporter in John McCain’s home state of Arizona. [follow the link to read the whole thing, it’s terrific.]

And then a gal named angeleyes responded with this:

I’m a proud Pentecostal, tongue-talkin’, creationist, pro-life Evangelical Democrat

Yes, you read the title of my diary correct. I am in fact all of those things (however, in regards to “creationism” I’m not a “young earther”).  I believe in the bible literally. To some of you, I might as well be committed for being as crazy as a loon, but trust me – I’m really quite sane.  Sane and enthusiastically voting for Barack Obama this fall!  And here’s the kicker: I’m voting for Barack BECAUSE of my Faith!

So how did I get here?   …

Quite simply, a lot of us thought that God, through George Bush, was going to restore a sense of morality to this County.  We believed he would be moral and compassionate. I know, I know, but that’s what we honestly believed. Plus, it wasn’t the first time I fell for a man that I just wanted to have a beer with!

But during 2004 something happened, and I won’t ever forget it.  As I was piddling through the house during the ’04 Democratic convention, I heard this man begin to speak from the podium.  It was Barack Obama.  I literally ran from kitchen into the living room to see this man.  I can remember feeling like a fresh breeze had just blow throughout the country.  In the fall of ’04, I still pulled the lever for George Bush, but this time I did it with much trepidation.

Slowly but surely, my eyes began to open and I began to take a broad view of the world around me. The war had began to descend into a incredible debacle, the economy began to slide, and I noticed a bitter divisiveness in this country that repulsed me.  And I asked myself this question: Is this what God had in mind?

You see, in the book of Matthew in the bible, Jesus said that a tree is judged by its fruit.  I don’t have the right to judge another human being, but I CAN judge the fruit of their actions. All I saw from the works of the Republican Party was orchards and orchards of trees with rotten fruit. I then realized that as much as I seemingly had “in common” with Republican Right-Wing Christians, I wasn’t really one of them.  We may believe the same things, but we’re coming from a different place.  I believe in the things I believe in  because I have a relationship with God, not with a party.

The Republican Party is NOT God’s Party, period! I’ve spent more than a few years now studying the life of Jesus Christ – his ways, his conduct.  He uplifted those around him, he didn’t condemn them.  He gave them hope, not despair.  He spoke to the better parts of their character, not tore them apart for their completely human flaws.  When God said He was love, he meant it.

…  True leaders see each person, especially those that they lead, as precious, treasured sons and daughters of the same God that loves them.  And never has this fact been more obviously and clearly displayed to me than when I compared and contrasted the Democratic and the Republican Conventions.  You see, I get Sarah Palin’s Christian background.  I’m of the SAME background, so I don’t have a problem with that.  I DO have a problem with how “careless” she and other right-wingers are with their words. I watched the speakers at the Republican Convention go on an out-and-out vitriolic tirade.  I was embarrassed and ashamed that people would hear these folks and associate them with me and my Faith.  When Sarah Palin was speaking, I just became so sad.  What an awesome opportunity she had! To ascend to a national stage and make God proud. But look at the fruit: anger, bitterness, strife, division.  The fruit of their tree is just plain rotten.

To make it clear, I don’t see Barack Obama as a “Messiah”.  No man will ever hold that place in my eyes again.  But to me, Barack’s leadership inspires hope and speaks of a better future.  The fruit of his tree is good.  Just look around.  Across this nation, and in fact this world, he inspires a sense of joy about our future.  I believe Christ, who to me was the ultimate leader, did the same.

So as an Evangelical Christian, conventional wisdom these days says I’m fired up and energized. That’s right. I am! The viciousness, the condescension, the “elitism” from Republicans; it certainly lit a fire under this Evangelical Christian, but not the kind the Republicans were looking for!  I’m fired up to say loud and clear that they don’t speak for me, my family, none of my friends, acquaintances, or my church family!  And I will not sit idly by while the name and character of the God I love so dearly is hitched to a bunch of folks who can’t even follow these simple words spoken by Jesus: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Matthew 7:12.

I’m voting for Barack Obama in the fall.  And I’ll be praising God all the way!

Proximity: Palin on Alaska & Russia

Proximity: nearness, the quality or state of being close

Where to start with Palin’s interview last night w. Charlie Gibson? Others have commented long and eloquently on her utter ignorance, capacity for unblinking bull-shit, lack of preparation for a national role, etc etc etc.

My new daily read is Mudflats, from an Alaskan blogger. Today he lands on the absurdity of her claim that she’s qualified to deal with Russia because they’re neighbors. From the ABC interview:

GIBSON: What insight into Russian actions, particularly in the last couple of weeks, does the proximity of the state give you?

PALIN: They’re our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska.

Mudflats says:

This one had me laughing out loud.  Ready for a lesson in Alaska geography/International Affairs?  Off the coast of Nome, 532 miles northwest of Anchorage (the closest city) is an island called Little Diomede.  Little Diomede is 2.4 miles east of the island called Big Diomede, which is in Russia.

Little Diomede, Alaska has a population of 146.  It is 2.5 square miles in area. There are 42 children in the school.  Nobody drives to work.   Big Diomede is a whopping 26 square miles.  On a clear day you can see the Island of Big Diomede from the western shore of Little Diomede. Therefore Sarah Palin is capable of negotiating with Putin and Sakashvili to peacefully settle the violent conflict that has been burgeoning in the separatist enclave of South Ossetia.

Why Everyone in Alaska Has Foreign Policy Experience. Big Diomede, Russia (left), and Little Diomede, Alaska (right).

Little Diomede and Big Diomede.

Pork or pigshit: McCain hoisted on his own petard

Pork: n. political patronage – government funds, appointments, or other favors – acquired by a representative for his/her constituency; the flesh of a pig used as food.

Petard: (oh this is too good) n. an loud explosive or bomb, from the middle French “peter,” to break wind. The phrase “hoisted on his own petard” refers back to the unfortunate anarchist, Guy Fawkes, who used a bomb called a petard in a failed attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament. This device is equipped with a short fuse, leading to the anarchist being “hoisted on his petard,” i.e., blown up. It has come to mean being caught out by your own words or actions.

I’m sick of Palin’s lies about the Bridge to Nowhere. Let’s move on to McCain’s pigshit about earmarks. Just a couple of days ago he bloviated about the ridiculousness of an earmark project in Montana. “We’re never going to spend $3 million to study the DNA of bears in Montana again..”  he said.

Uh oh. Turns out Palin’s latest pork request is for $3.2 million to study the DNA of seals…

Hoisted by his own petard. Watch the video:

Piling on Palin: she’s the wrong target

I’m blessed, in normal times, of being able to sleep like a baby. But since the Reptilian Republican Convention and the Palinmania it ignited, I’ve found myself staring wide-eyed at the ceiling at 2 a.m. wondering how we can get back on track with REAL issues.

And wondering how long it will take before Palin’s fans will learn the truth about her.  And, truly scary, if the truth about her lies and hypocrisy will even matter to them.

Palin is a red herring. A smelly toxic red herring to be sure, but animals get side-tracked by smelly things. We have to wrest our attention away from her to focus on what’s really important:

John McCain. He is supposed to be the Main Man.

  • The guy who said “Country First,” when he proved by his choice of Mrs. Palin, a woman with little relevant or honorable experience, that what he really believes is “Political Expediency First!”
  • The guy who did only minimal vetting of his VP choice, an example of his impulsivity – not a good trait in chief executives or commander-in-chiefs.
  • The guy who allowed the convention to to be a fear-mongering hate-filled re-ignition of the partisan culture wars – wasn’t he supposed to be Mr. Bi-Partisan?
  • The guy whose own campaign has produced video ads that contain total lies and some of the worst racial innuendos since Willie Horton – wasn’t he supposed to be a Man of Honor?
  • The guy who lets his running mate steal the show with her big personality and big LIES, while he just stands heh-hehing awkwardly by  – who is the leader here? who is in charge?
  • The guy who would rather run his campaign on personality (Palin’s) than talk about the REAL issues facing America, the world, and citizens like you and me.
  • Just for starters…

The mainstream media. Scared shitless of being labeled “Liberal” or “elite”, they have just tip-toed around Palin’s unsavory past, McCain’s flip-flopping and dirty campaign tactics. The public needs to know the truth, and we need our attention brought back to the real issues.

The American public. People people people!! Wake up! Just because a woman can tote a gun and serve up moose-turd pie and has big boobs and five kids, one with Down syndrome, doesn’t make her great vice-presidential material.  Even if she did nothing else but study economics, foreign policy, environmental science, and the constitution for the next year she’d still be wet behind the ears.  This election is NOT a popularity contest! It’s about the future of our country – health care, jobs, energy, mortgages, the environment – plus all the other messy stuff that’s going on around the globe.

You know, the real issues. (Have I said that already?)

Proud! to be a Democrat…

Proud: feeling pleasurable satisfaction over an attribute or act by which one’s stature is measured.

I’ve watched as much of the Democratic National Convention as I could, given other pressing commitments. As screwed up as we can be as a party, we are so far ahead of the other brand in brains, integrity, wisdom, compassion, policy, ideas, etc etc that I find it hard to believe that any sane and sentient human being would vote for the other brand.

On Tuesday Hillary Clinton finally convinced me that she could be a strong leader – but we already have  a remarkable candidate. Gov. Schweitzer, Gov. Amy Klobucher and Rep Kucinich were terrific.

Last night the drama built and built as the states went through the roll call, declaring the number of delegates pledged to each candidate.  Of course Obama was way ahead, but they kept going until (strangely) New Mexico ceded their votes to the next state, Missouri, and Missouri ceded to Illinois…. and Illinois ceded to New York (a total of 282 delegates at stake by this time) and….

Hillary stepped forward for New York to move that the roll call be stopped and the convention move to accept Obama by acclamation.  Cheers, shouts, tears, roars.  And so the so-called “disunity” came to an end.  It was a great moment.

Later Senator John Kerry kicked butt the way we wished he had four years ago – what a terrific speech – comparing “Senator” McCain with “Candidate” McCain as prime examples of flip-flopping. Senator Joe Biden won my heart with his kind presence PLUS some great examples of where McCain was wrong and Obama was right. President Bill Clinton showed us why he is still the Big Dog,

I’ve been in tears a lot the past few days. Happy tears.  Tonight is the NEW Big Dog. Obama!

I will watch what I can stomach of the other brand’s convention next week. They’ve got their work cut out for them….