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What happens when you love color on your walls is you paint them fairly often. You also paint every room a different color. And you paint the exterior of your house with four different colors.

This makes you very very happy. And when guests enter your house for the first time, it makes them happy too.

What happens when you’re into paint is that you accumulate a lot of it. Gallons and gallons. Such fabulous paint that many of these canfuls, which are as much as six years old, are still in excellent condition. Professional painters always over-estimate how much you’ll need…

Probably I should hold onto a quart of each color, just in case a squirrel chews through a wall (heaven forbid!) and I have to patch it up. But what to do with all this paint?

I have a friend with a new home coming over this afternoon for color inspiration. I bet she’d like a couple of gallons.