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Prophecy: a bevy of Baracks

Prophecy: n. a prediction of something to come, an inspired utterance of a prophet (yeah!)

I saw it coming. In fact I was on the front wave. Naming a child or pet after Barack Obama (or a member of his family).

A month ago I got a sleek black kitty from the Humane Society and named him Gobama (Bama for short). A couple of weeks later a friend said he’d named a new black lab Bama. Today I met a gal who just got a puppy at the pound and named him BoJoe  (for B.O. and Joe Biden).  These are just a few examples in my immediate realm.

But it’s happening all over – from this morning’s NY Times:

Decontee Williams was so excited by Barack Obama’s victory on Tuesday night that she started jumping up and down — and went into labor. Twelve hours later, Barack Jeilah was born at Phoenix Baptist Hospital to Ms. Williams and Prince Jeilah… “I love Barack Obama, and I love the name,” said Ms. Williams, 31, who came to the United States as a refugee from Liberia in 2003. “In Africa, we call it a blessing. That is a good name.”

In the last week, Barack, Obama, Michelle, Malia and Sasha have become inspirations for first and middle names across the United States, according to news reports. But the Obama baby boom has been even more pronounced in Kenya, particularly in Kisumu, an area in the western part of the country where relatives of Mr. Obama live.

From Election Day through Saturday afternoon, 43 children born at the Nyanza Provincial Hospital in Kisumu were named after the Obamas, with 23 boys given the first and middle name Barack Obama and 20 girls named Michelle Obama.

I foresee a wave of baby Baracks and maybe BaRackas.   Thank God it’s not John or Sarah (but I bet we’ll see a rash of Bristols, Pipers, Willows, and Trigs).