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Pet peeve: packing

Ah, vacation! Tomorrow I leave for ten days.

[Pat on back: I pulled together some P posts for distance posting plus some possible pinch-hitting from one of my progeny…]

Time away from everyday chores… distant shores, friends & family, lolling on the beach, hiking in the woods, wining dining playing scrabble, reading (formerly) dime novels, thinking useless thoughts.

But by the time I get on a plane I’m so whipped that I need an extra vacation to recover from my preparations.

Packing is a problem of procrastination. Not so much that I procrastinate on packing. Not exactly. I leave so many OTHER critical tasks to the last minute that suddenly it’s the 11th hour and my suitcase is still in the closet.

I paid bills, did laundry, vacuuming, watering, canceling of mail and papers, completed two writing assignments, found caregivers for the dog and the cat, etc etc. But then I noticed the grass had GROWN in my front yard, and if I didn’t mow it NOW, the unkemptness would signal Absentee Owner.  So I mowed the lawn.

In so doing I discovered that the mole I’d hoped would go away, had returned with a vengeance. So I had to get out my shovel and traps and do the whack-a-mole dance to lure him while I’m gone.  No kidding, this very serious guy at the garden store told me that the secret to catching moles (because a trap is insufficient) is the little mole dance.  He says his grandpa taught it to his dad, and his dad taught it to him.

This was more self-revelation than he’d intended. He wouldn’t give me the demo dance, so I’ve made up my own.

It’s now 9p. I leave in the morning. Maybe I should pack.

Playing hooky from plank position

It’s been a week since I pulled a pec doing too many pushups. (In yoga a sun salute involves half of the pushup – from plank to cobra position, so it’s more like a slow drop down…).

The doc had said no pushups or plank for six weeks (!). I had said, no way!

But then I allowed myself to stay home every morning this week, to not rush off to strength training or yoga classes at 7:30am and it has been LOVELY.

I miss the exercise, but not the rushing. Which tells me something I don’t want to hear: that if I don’t want to rush I’d better be getting up a lot earlier (and going to bed a lot earlier too, because I need at least 8 hours of sleep).

This morning I really really was going to go to yoga, and just chill in the back of the room in a restorative pose whenever we were supposed to do a planky sort of position. But here I am at my desk writing, hoisting a cup of coffee instead. Happy.

I’m one of those people who is slothful enough at heart that if I don’t routinize my life with specific commitments to be at a certain place at a certain time to exercise it won’t happen. ANd I’ve discovered that if it doesn’t happen first thing in the morning, it generally doesn’t happen at all, because the day takes over.

On normal weeks I go to a strength training class 2x a week, yoga 2x a week and I walk with a good friend the other 3 days. My pulled muscle did not prevent me from walking except for the first couple of days when I could scarcely breathe, but my friend was out of town, so I didn’t even do that.

Little vacations from routine are a good thing. I hope by Monday I’m eager to get back with the program.