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Puzzles: the pleasure of piecing things together

Puzzle: n. a mental challenge; a problem or contrivance designed for testing ingenuity.

Piece: v. to join into a whole —often used with together, as in a puzzle

Our Thanksgiving was pretty low-key. Just my son, my ex, me and another couple who are old friends thru church.

We skipped the turkey this time and had coq au vin (made by the ex), roasted potatoes (yellow finn, sweet and yams w. shallots and garlic), salad w. pomegranate seeds and pecans. Mary makes killer pies so she brought one. We had some chanterelles my son picked in the Cascade foothills last month (frozen) which I made into a yummy appetizer spread. Lots of very nice wine.  Nice not to be stuffed up to HERE.

After dinner we sat around and my friend Mary pulled out a couple of small jigsaw puzzles, just 75 pieces each, that she and John had picked up on their last trip to the UK.  These addictive little gems are made by a company called Wentworth.

They’re mounted on wood, and the shapes are intricate enough to make the puzzle a real puzzle – straight edges are usually internal pieces and the pieces that go on the edge do not seem to have straight sides. Each puzzle also has a handful of pieces that are thematic – they call them “whimsies” – like in one puzzle of a violin, there were pieces cut like a clarinet, tuba, trumpet, cello, etc. In one of a bucolic scene you’ll find bunnies, birds, etc.


We found 75 pieces plenty engrossing – with two people per puzzle – all talking to ourselves, mumbling, cursing, cheering.  Very relaxing and satisfying.

At the places that sell them in the US I couldn’t find any puzzles smaller than 140 pieces.  I’d start at modest level – 1000 pieces will take you all year!

If you’re into buying gifts this year, these would be fun.