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Play! Happy music with Muppets, Yo-Yo, and Bobby

Play: v. to engage in a recreational activity, to make music, to have fun

Someone sent me this yesterday, which reminded me that I was as big a Sesame Street addict as my kids were – my daughter even went on to work for the company. I’m also a huge Yo-Yo Ma fan. Here he joins three “honkers” for a musical quartet.

Which linked me to another video of Yo-Yo with three other extraordinary musicians – Bobby McFerrin, Edgar Meyer, and Mark O’Connor.  I’ve attended several concerts by both Meyer and O’Connor, and one where Yo Yo played the entire set of Bach cello suites – a lonely figure on a big stage, playing his heart out – but I’ve never seen Bobby McFerrin.

Since I was on a roll, I found Bobby McFerrin’s famous “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” – the perfect antidote to today’s bad economic news. The clowns are Bill Irwin and Robin Williams: